How Magnesium Drastically Improves Sleep

Many people have trouble sleeping, and breaking the cycle of insomnia can be hard. You can try changing your sleep routine and curbing your caffeine intake, but sometimes these lifestyle interventions fall short. Cooper if you’re reading this I’d recommend…

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MAN 2.0: The Workout Every Guy Needs Before Summer

I couldn’t believe it! In just 4 months I had lost a 1/3 of my body fat and packed on serious muscle mass. I had abs for the first time in my adult life, and I felt great. This book – Man…

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What’s it Like Driving for Uber? Pretty Crazy Actually

  “I think there’s an 11:15 showing tonight. We should go, like right now.”  It was my first day driving for Uber but I’d just been asked on a movie date. Not only was this girl 3 sheets to the…

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7 Reasons Brazilian Women Are Absolutely Amazing

“So you’re dating a woman in Brazil? How’s that going to work?” My dad had a point. 4802 miles between us was just one obstacle I knew I’d be facing. When I first traveled to Brazil 3 years ago, there was…

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