The second I stepped on the Boosted Board, I felt a bit like Superman. I couldn’t quite fly but the thrill of being able to accelerate from 0 to 25mph on a skateboard felt pretty damn close.  

The first time I saw someone riding a boosted board on Youtube, I was in complete awe. I wasn’t even sure if what I was seeing was real or not.  Ever since Christopher lloyd and Tony Hawk  admitted their hover board video was fake, I’ve been suspicious of cool toys I’ve seen on the internet. After doing some research I found that not only does the board exist, it appeared to be even better than I expected.

Testing the Boosted Board


It took me 6 months of wanting a Boosted Board to finally pull the trigger and buy one. I did tons of research. The main thing that held me back was the price; $1500. How could I justify paying 20% of what my car is worth? After riding it I do believe it’s worth every penny. I’ll justify that statement in a second.

A quick search on amazon will show that new electric skateboards are coming to the market every month. Since they are new, many have little or no reviews and it’s impossible to decent feedback for purchasing decisions. Prices range from as cheap as $189 but could have less than 2 stars. No thanks. Other decent looking boards like Juiced are available in the $500-$700 range but aren’t on amazon and are only taking pre orders.  According to people who have ridden both the Juiced and Boosted Board, Boosted would be like a Ferrari and a Juiced would be like a Kia. There’s nothing wrong with a Kia. Just don’t buy a Kia expecting a Ferrari.


Buying The Boosted Board

I decided to buy my boosted board on Amazon. I feel like Amazon is my boy and always has my back. For example, if you buy from Boosted Board directly from their website and decide to return it, it’s up to you to pay the shipping to send it back plus you may be subject to $100 restock fee. Amazon would never to that to me. Hopes were high for the price tag so I knew if it didn’t live up to expectations I would be sending it back.

I want to make something clear. I waited for 6 months and saved for this board like the old fashion days. I tend to spend my money on experiences so this was a unique purchase for me. If you’re in debt I can’t recommend you buy this board. That’s just me talking to myself when I was younger but I digress.

                       Watch me review the Boosted Board on Youtube!

Riding the Boosted Board

I’m not going to lie, within the first few minutes of riding this thing I knew it was worth every penny. In fact I should go above and delete the part about not buying if you’re in debt. You only live once so forget what I said. Just kidding, kinda.

In all seriousness riding this thing was exhilarating and frightening at the same time! I’ve been riding skateboards since I was 12 and it was almost too much to handle. This board gave me that feeling you only remember as a kid. When you were so excited to do something you couldn’t contain yourself. Not only is it a thrill but also almost everyone will take notice. People will stop you, yell at you and ask questions. I’d be lying and most likely not human if I said it didn’t feel good to turn heads and get a little bit of attention. Couple of thoughts on riding the boosted board.

  • Wear a helmet (Do as I say not as I do)
  • If you don’t have experience riding skateboards don’t assume you can “Just do it.”
  • Ride with traffic and follow the rules.
  • Cars and pedestrians aren’t expecting you to go that fast. Watch out.


Justifying the Price

Setting aside the fact that the thrill alone made the board worth every penny, I had a better way to keep things in perspective; SNOWBOARDING. I’m huge into snowboarding and once I compared it to the boosted board I had my justification to keep the board. It’s no secret to skiers that you can easily drop $1500 just on gear. Not to mention lift tickets, gas money, expensive food and beers etc. Now I’m not saying the boosted board is as fun as snowboarding (although certain times it may be) but when you take everything into consideration, like being able to ride year round and do not have to drive an hour to do so, I’d say it’s a draw.

Final Thoughts

As I said this is most fun I’ve had from a tangible purchase in a very long time. If you like to ride skateboards, snowboards or any type of boards, then the boosted board is for you! As I said if you decide to buy, I would do so here on Amazon.