“Good artists copy; great artists steal” – Picasso

On Tuesday Instagram rolled a new functionality called “Stories” that lets users create a rolling combo of pictures and videos from the last 24 hours. Users can draw and type words on the images and videos, change filters to them, and can control who can see their own story. After displaying for a day, Stories aren’t saved like normal Instagram photos—instead, they disappear forever. Basically, Snapchat.

Instagram vs Snapchat

It’s fair to say that Instagram and Snapchat were two completely different platforms until 3 days ago. Let’s be honest, Snapchat had become better than Instagram. Everyone knew that change was coming but I think few expected a carbon copy of Snapchat. After reviewing Instagram’s new feature I must admit I’m completely shocked at just how similar it is to Snapchat. Instagram didn’t even try to put their own spin on it.  What’s more, Instagram improved some of the features they copied. Here is a breakdown of the differences and similarities I found between the two.



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